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贾斯汀比伯right hErE歌词的中文翻译

baby》,是贾斯汀比伯Justin Bieber的代表作。收录在2010年4月12日由Island公司...Oh right here, cause I need哦,就在这...

歌词:Right Here(在这里)Justin BieberBaby, I'm here, I'm here to stay亲爱的,有我在,我就在这里不走I ain't going nowhere我不会去别的地方I know you're scared cause you've been hurt我知道你很恐惧因为你曾被(爱情)伤害Baby, it's a...

I Want You by Paris Hilton Excuse me I think I seen you on the dance floor Excuse me I think there playin' one of our songs I seen you you've been here a lot of times And you've been on my mind cause baby your just so damn fine...


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