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Last week, on Saturday morning, I cleaned my room, it was very dirty, but now is very clean, so because of this I feel happy. In the afternoon, I went to the library, I read a book about Chinese history. We want to learn, make ...

对应的英语: The last sunday, April 12th(twelfth) 上一个星期天:the last Sunday. 下一个星期天:the next Sunday.

I spend about 2 hours surfing the internet at school per week and 4 hours online at weekends.

我在每个周四烹制美食。 I cook every Thursday. 苏海和苏洋通常在周末去散步。 Su Hai and Su Yang usually go to walk on weekends. 他们上周三去野营的。 They went camping last Wednesday. 我们上周二在学校的。 We were at school last Tu...

I went to the zoo with my cousin on Saturday morning .We saw many animals in it.There is a new zebra from Africa. on Saturday afternoon I played computer games at home. I visited my grandparents on Sunday morning. They were ver...

weekend lover

讲日语:speeak Japanese 一个有趣的地方:an interesting place 在周末:on/at weekend(s) 墨西哥城:Mexico City 十四岁:fourteen

Leave application To whom it may concern, I'll have to attend a very important meeting which makes me need 1 day leave, and I will make sure to finish the delayed work at this weekend. Please approve. Thank you.

这个星期天是我们相爱的第四个月,下个星期天是你的生日。 This Sunday is our four months anniversary, and next Sunday will be your birthday. 这样翻译比较简单,确切。 有什么问题请追问 、 希望及时采纳—— ♥ 多谢 ⌒_⌒

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