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adverse [英][ˈædvɜ:s][美][ˈædvɜ:rs] adj.不利的; 有害的; 逆的; 相反的; 例句: 1. But such ubiquity will also amplify any adverse side-effects. 但这种极度普及也会放大一切不利的副作用。 2. They found n...

adverse [英][ˈædvɜ:s][美][ˈædvɜ:rs] adj.不利的; 有害的; 逆的; 相反的; 在会计中有负值的意思

accounting 会计 accounting cost 会计成本 accounting profit 会计利润 adverse selection 逆向选择 allocation 配置 allocation of resources 资源配置 allocative efficiency 配置效率 antitrust legislation 反托拉斯法 arc elasticity 弧弹...


1. generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) 2. expenditure of corporate bond interest 3. sheer volume(amount) of nonoperating income and expense 4. elementary(basic) business profit 5. bonds payable 6. other business pro...

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