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i am always here 我永远在你身边 双语例句 权威例句 1.I am always here to plan with you. 我总是在这里和你计划。 2."I'm Katim," he said. "I am always here." “我是卡蒂姆,”他说,“我一直在这儿。” 3.Please know that I am always here ...


i am not the grass,you mean done always go to my here ha 我不是草,你的意思是总是去我这里哈


网上找不到这是我根据这个听的 Hold onto the girl you used to be Don’t forget who, who you meant to be I find it hard to watch you slip away The color surrounding y...

I am always hereto understand youI am always hereto laugh with youI am alwaya hereto talk with youi am always hereto think with youI am always hereto plan with youeven though wemight not alwaysbe togetherplease know thati m awa...

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